Community Development, Outreach, and Engagement


  • Resident survey: The Community Development and Outreach Committee (CDOC) conducted a resident survey to ascertain town-wide priorities. We presented the results to residents, which resulted in increased dialogue among attendees, town staff, and officials.
  • Mountain View Messenger: When the Council was developing its budget, I requested to have funds set aside for a quarterly community newsletter, which the Town mails out to all residents. I have edited and provided content to all five issues since the newsletter’s inception, and I have personally developed and designed the last two issues (July and September 2021). I’ve also assisted with the creation of and improvements to a resident mailing list. We’re continuing to perfect this mailing list and hope to reach all residents soon.
  • Social media: I have worked to post town announcements to the town’s official Facebook page as well as to the Mountain View Community Forum on Nextdoor (an unofficial page). In this effort, I consistently ensure posts are compliant with the town’s social media policies.


  • Continue to improve the Mountain View Messenger and bring pertinent and interesting information to the community.
  • Continue to improve the resident mailing list so that we reach every resident in town.
  • Video record all Council meetings and upload them to a YouTube Channel linked to the town website.
  • Improve the website: add online bill pay, an easily searchable and up-to-date Town Charter and Town Code, and a link to a YouTube Channel where residents can easily watch meetings without submitting Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests.
  • Develop a how-to guide on how to have a successful block party.
  • Improve signage at Town borders and provide distinctive street signs; this will help set our community apart.
  • Solicit community involvement in developing a Comprehensive Master Plan.
  • Directly involve residents in the conversation about the Town Hall expansion; the expansion is funded by their taxpayer dollars and I haven’t seen enough engagement with residents on this topic.
  • Involve interested residents in committee work (the seven committees are as follows: Finance, Economic Development, Public Safety, Sustainability, Community Development and Outreach, Public Works, and Admin). We have so many talented residents that may not have the time or bandwidth to come to lengthy Council meetings, but they may have expertise/interest in a particular committee area. I would love to harness the power of our residents and engage them in the Council’s work. The Council serves the residents, increasing engagement and involvement makes sense.